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Snap Crackle Pop

Snap Crackle Pop

Dance the beebop

Complex variations

Multiple sensations

Crazy iterations

Opposing nations

What’s goin’ on

Oligarchy con

Where are we now

Did we kill the sacred cow

Someone knows the truth

It will take a sleuth

To make sense of this game

And find the ones to blame

Time to look inside

Where love and peace reside

Just keep on dancing

To the music prancing

Open up and sing

Learn to use a lansing

Or to the rhythm keep

Follow just like sheep

Or become a lion

Roam free like an ion

Live in your own Zion

Until you have to buy in

To all the lyin’

In order to move

Get in the groove

Go along with the story

No questions or glory

Just dance the beebop

Until you snap, crackle, pop

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