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See Every Day as a Miracle

Today I rise to songs of birds

Singing sweetly among the trees

A lotus fragrant beyond words

The day begins with blessed ease

Within my garden I find peace

All of my cares I do release

Soft grass yields beneath my bare feet

I walk alone and take my seat

Prayers for peace from my heart emerge

Blessings that shower over me

Where Earth and Heaven both converge

Extend beyond what I can see

Angels here, above and below

Reveal yourselves that all may know

Your loving presence everywhere

Here to guide us with such deep care

All we must do is look inside

Aware of our thoughts, do not hide

From the dark shadows that you meet

Bring them to light, you’ll be complete

See every day as a miracle

Phenomenal and empirical

From a tiny ovum you have grown

Into a body of flesh and bone

May inquisitiveness fill your days

Look with fresh eyes in numerous ways

At the ordinary that you take

For granted, can lead you to awake

A bird trill penetrates my mind

Reminds me always to be kind

Look about in awe and wonder

Within yourself, deeply ponder

Who am I within creation

Between sadness and elation

What are the possibilities

That are my opportunities

So I begin another day

In my heart I attune and pray

That I act with loving kindness

To heal my pain and my blindness

With myself I will be gentle

Neither strident nor judgmental

Thus with others I can accept

And hence my anger intercept

Call all your angels to your side

Together let us take this ride

Let love inform your every action

Everyday a benefaction

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