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Riding Love’s Blessed Wave

Listen deeply to your heart

Therein lies the wisdom

Compassion, Love

In every part



Strength & Power

See us through the days

Helping us navigate the maze

That reveals our path within the haze

Oh Great Miracle & Mystery

I bow in prayer and call to Thee

Awaken my heart from all misery

And free me from chains of poverty

With mind, body and soul declare

With every breath become aware

That we are one, everywhere

No divisions, here or there

For one and all I will care

To ascend on this sacred day

I will enter into this play

Lighthearted and free

Joyful and brave

Creating my reality

Riding love’s blessed wave

Embracing all as fantasy

That in my heart I will crave

Whatever is best for all to be

Reflecting on all that I know

May whatever I wish for help love to grow

And expand from my core

Into the Universe

That I adore

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