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Rhythms of the Heart

Rhythms of the heart

Cadence of the poem

Patterns reveal the path

Momentary variations

Subtle beating of the drum

The musician moves in your veins

Hear the music of your soul

Coherence turns to bliss

Musician and music merge

Morph into being that rises

Uniting trillions within

Harmonic vibrations

Universal intelligence

Currents and winds

Change and transformation

Hold to your center

Overcome your fears

Let go into the flow

Of loving consciousness

Trust in Great Mystery

Beyond the known

Step out with courage

Let kindness guide

Your every word and action

Allow life’s journey to reveal itself

Synchronicity within all dimensions

Set your course in alignment with heart

Follow the path that opens for you

Know you are united with All That Is

An unbroken continuum, infinite

Rejoice in your immortality!

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