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Day is resurrected from the night

As the world is filled with morning light

Radiance and warmth upon my face

Blessings of our radiant Sun’s grace

In the quiet moments look deep within

The blissful power of love will then begin

To transform our world as we unite

To save ourselves, our diseases fight

~ ~ ~

The Wisdom Heart of our great blessed Sun

Radiates equally to everyone

Humans, Nature and creatures large and small

This is the time to act and heal us all

A healthy new world we can now create

As we move forward do not hesitate

To choose which direction you will now take

Think of what will you lose and what’s at stake?

In this time opportunities abound

Will we be able to reach higher ground?

With humans and nature in harmony

A beautiful world, a sweet symphony

Or will we sink into dystopia

Smug and blinded by our euphoria

That we have all conquered the enemy

And given up this opportunity

When you take your time to sit quietly

Look all around and you will surely see

Nature’s beauty and abundant bounty

Her awesome power and her majesty

This is the perfect time for us to know

From our abuses of Earth death will grow

Violent storms are now raging far and wide

Soon there will not be any place to hide

Our fears are fed and grow in dark hours

Of total control by evil powers

Look at all the facts and then calibrate

A bright new world we can all co-create

A world of love and mutual respect

Care for each other and do not neglect

Our Mother Nature and all she provides

From her great abundance all life survives

Let Heaven on Earth manifest today

Join with all angels and profits to pray

For the love in our hearts to reign supreme

Despite your religion, belief, or dream

Release your fears and deep need to be right

With wisdom for the truth may you shine bright

Care for each other and all will be well

In a world of sacred love we will dwell

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