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Resonate Love to the Field

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The rhythms of the cosmos

Echoing within my heart

A special day of balance

Equal parts of light and dark

Claim this moment to perceive

The miracle of I Am

Blessings from coherence flow

Bliss and ecstasy aglow

Our potential far beyond

Limitations of our mind

Miracles are here to find

With open hearts we can know

Into fullness we will grow

Connection now heart-to-heart

Resonate love to the field

Of deep healing now take part

And to loving-kindness yield

Great spirit and mystery

May compassion enter me

With forgiveness I am free

Released from my misery

Rise up and claim your birthright

A beacon for all to see

The path of love that leads home

To beauty and harmony

Make a wish and let it fly

On currents of creation

Your angels are standing by

To boost your affirmation

Never alone, trust in love

Connect to all frequencies

Of cosmos and creation

Essential nature revealed

In immortality sealed

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