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The greatest gift that we can give

The gift of love by which we live

All of the wounds that we inflict

Only cause us to contradict

The essence of who we can be

Healthy, joyful, loving and free

Those who cannot find peace within

Look to others for fault and sin

Trapped within the mind’s embrace

Their inner fears they cannot face

Without compassion they strike out

That their own weakness none will doubt

Heal your wounds that cause you pain

There is much for you to gain

Freedom from your misery

Redeems your pathology

Calling angels to your side

In your heart to them confide

Creation is a mirror maze

Reflections that divert one’s gaze

From inner truth and clarity

Resulting in absurdity

What appears is always changing

Material re-arranging

As stars align with planet Earth

Beings of light will take their birth

Forgetting why they chose to come

Each walking to a different drum

Separation is what seems true

Different people, me and you

Imagining us all as one

A new perspective has begun

Creation is our oversoul

Available for one and all

Now behold the Great Mystery

That surrounds us for all to see

The miracle is when you know

That this is just a passing show

What is without is deep within

Discovery will now begin

To find the place within your heart

That opens the gate to life’s art

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