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Reach for the Stars

Updated: Feb 2

Go beyond all that you have known

Go beyond your comfort zone

Look into the face of your fears

Trapped inside for too many years

Surrender and trust in the flow

There are so many ways to go

Allow Great Mystery to guide your way

Know that pain will give-way to play

Divine Intelligence within every cell

In coherence, clear as a bell

Leading us into transformation

A new birth, a new creation

Reach for the stars and you will find

Expanded consciousness and mind

Breakthrough all limits and you will grow

The blessings of light upon you bestow

Embrace all life as your own

It’s only illusion that you stand alone

One great family evolving together

To pure soul energy we all tether

Love and nourish all that you see

Embrace your immortality

All that you give you will receive

With kindness your tapestry weave

Upon your life blessings will rain

Freedom at last from your pain

Compassion and love for all to gain

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