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Rainbows of Love

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Each morning as you greet the day

Feel the love inside your heart and pray

For those whom you adore and cherish

For dreams to live and fears to perish

With loving eyes now meet the new dawn

Radiate kindness, the darkness gone

Blessings flow from all hearts that are pure

Loving-kindness will surely endure

As you step forth into your new life

Let rainbows of love remove your strife

With each breath remember who you are

Energy beyond the greatest star

Oh my darling, child of pure delight

The path is clear, you are Divine Light

Know yourself and all of your wounds heal

Health and goodness within you reveal

With loving heart and feet on the ground

As you walk forth love’s victory crowned

A world of beauty and peace be found

Joyful celebration each day sound

Blessed are those who walk in kindness

In our dark world for all its blindness

Arise and declare this day to bring

Well-being for all shall now take wing

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