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Promise of Life

Walking out onto the calm bay

I see the world a different way

To the east sunrise greets the day

To the west are clouds dark and grey

Mountains rise up above the sea

Like ghost silhouettes framed in gold

Sunlight setting the darkness free

Illumination now behold

I turn against the blinding light

Ominous black clouds greet my sight

Veils of rain in far distant hills

Promise of life this day instills

Black and white, dark water and light

Act together for life to give

Not opposing or in a fight

That all in harmony may live

My feet upon the water stand

As firm as if they are on land

A miracle, what some may say

It’s all perception of light’s play

When I invoke the mysteries

I set in motion energies

Words have power in vibration

To bring forth realization

If we do this all together

Our power vast and multiplied

To joy and love we can tether

And in kindness we will abide

We each are a point of power

Flowing with divine energy

Like the beauty of a flower

Love offers up to all for free

Will you join me in sacred dance

With loving-kindness let’s romance

Let’s all join hands and take a chance

For love and beauty take a stance

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