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Peace on Earth

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Thankful for the blessed light

Thankful for the restful night

Thanks to all that’s come to be

This moment, the heart of me

All connected, currents flow

In and around me they go

With sun’s warmth our spirits glow

Wisdom within, what we know

Truth inside all consciousness

The way to hell and to bliss

Parallel streams that exist

By choices that we enlist

Species evolve to survive

Finding ways to live and to thrive

Art and Creativity

Required for festivity

These expressions of the soul

With Love & Joy, we extol


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Humans divided have lost the plot

Seeing the world as have and have not

Striving for more the spirit can rot

If the deeper truth one has forgot

Happiness comes from generosity

Helping us become all we can be

This the potential for you and me

To live and rejoice and to be free

Arise and Reclaim the right of your birth

This is the era for Peace on Earth

Thankful for all the many blessings

That compassion from heart-to-heart brings

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