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Paradise on Earth

All decay and degradation is necessary to the cycle of birth;

compost for the renewal of life.

We stand at a crossroads

that pain and feelings of separation have led us to.

Walking on paths of cement,

we have forgotten the softness of the ground

and the source of our nourishment.

Toxins fill our air, water & soil,

feeding us poisons with every breath and mouthful of food.

Even as we bathe we are immersed in chemicals

that infuse our blood & brains,

confounding our minds and discernment.

Our very creation is a grand experiment.

Intelligence from the bottom up; within every photon and electron.

The chances that we are here are infinitesimal.

Arising from the stars,

we have emerged and evolved in a garden

with all the diverse forces of nature inside us.

We have become the plague & the plagued.

War, pain & suffering are all options in this field,

as are Love, Peace, Harmony and Good Will.

The choice is up to us.

Our survival depends more now than ever on the choices we make.

There are places on our beloved Earth

that are havens from the storms of human madness;

high in the mountains, in forests and farms,

on quiet shores, below the waves.

All form is finite & will not last.

All feelings and emotions are attached to form.

“I”, “You”, “They” are all part of the Great Deception,

Apparent Separation, the thought that “I” exist alone,

separate from others, Nature, the Earth & the stars.

Through clever & diabolical manipulation

demented beings have commandeered resources

necessary for the fulfillment of physical needs,

controlling the flow of nourishment

in exchange for slavery and obedience

to their will for power.

Now is the time for this hubris to be exposed!

Every Ray of Light informs Humanity

of the Truth of Creation,

of the Equality that is the foundation of the Universe,

the Essence from which All Life emerges

and through which All Life is connected.

Consciousness, cosmic and earthly,

informs every cell in existence

that All Is One & One Is All.

Can you feel the breeze caressing your skin?

Will you let your feet feel the Earth?

Will you lie upon the grass and bathe yourself in light?

Will you allow your heart to open and feel the love that is there?

Can you release your fears and trust in our connection?

When will you realize that what you do to another, you do to yourself?

What you do to the Earth affects your own body?

If we really knew this, no one could do any harm.

Harmony and Good Will would prevail on Earth

as it Is in the Heavens.

Loving Kindness & Compassion would infuse every act

as we journey to discover why we are here,

furthering the Paradise that we have inherited

rather than destroying the precious gift

of this Garden of Gaia’s delight

wherein Her Children can take flight.

Whatever you must do, find peace within your heart and mind.

Be kind to others, protect the Earth and all her creatures.

We are only here a short time. What will remain when “I” am gone?

What are we leaving for our children and future generations?

Are the yachts, the planes, the mansions, the billions

worth the destruction of the dream?

Those who have these know they will not last.

There is no happiness in possession,

only in giving and sharing.

This is a call to all those in power –

Lay down your weapons!

Share all that you have with those in your trust.

Care for all people, Nature & the Earth.

In this way you will be Truly Free & Fulfilled,

Peaceful and Connected to the Divine Consciousness within Everything.

You will never know until you try.

You must risk everything to be reborn,

releasing old forms & ways of being.

Only when everything you know has been chopped away

and you are lost in the spaciousness of not knowing,

facing your fears & willing to die,

can you know the Bliss that lies on the other side.

Paradise on Earth!

Can you, oh powerful man, create That?

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