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Paradise Found

Hold my hand

And walk with me

Into my garden

By the sea.

The Sun is rising

Feel the breeze

Gold washing flowers

And leaves of trees.

Birds sing, as waves

Break on the shore

The wind’s caress

And so much more…

The mind is open

To the sky

Only the soul

Can reach that high

Feel the dew

So fresh and cool

Let’s bathe our feet

Within that pool

Red colors blaze

Then orange heat

The sunrise plays

And life is sweet.

Close your eyes

There is a Power

Within us lies

A budding flower.


Heart and mind

Commune with nature

Try to find

There really is

A grand design.

We are One

With Universe

Connecting Gaia

With the stars

There is no prison

There are no bars.

Smell the fragrance

Of the flowers

Touch the velvet

Of the buds

Hear the bees

That search for nectar

Taste the sweetness

Of the dew

See the beauty

In petals new.

Life is a miracle

And our senses guide

Us through this garden

Where we reside.

Oh Milton,

Paradise was never lost

The power of love

You can’t exhaust

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