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Out of the Darkness

A new shoot bursting forth from the heart

Life surging, fragile membranes fluids filling

Delicate, elaborate unfolding and growing

Out of darkness toward the light

Compelled by warmth and illumination

Innocence and fascination

The intricate nature of creation

Cycles of regeneration

Roots searching for sustenance

Minerals mined with moisture

Transforming elements into nutrients

Transported to the heart in currents

Distributed throughout the body

From the vast intelligence within the darkness

Activated by photonic essence

Connected through infinite networks

Instantly in this Great Mystery

Freed from bondage to the soil

We are bound to walk and toil

To feed this body with sentient life

That to our bidding sacrifice

Their hearts to melt into our flesh

Their sinews into ours enmesh

Life renews as death decays

Within the darkness the light plays

Seemingly innocent in all ways

Throughout our nights and all our days

Dark is the night of the soul

Beastly burdens take their toll

Blinded by this limitless illusion

Oh great mysterious delusion

Intricate webs of control and greed

Insidious shadows that feast and feed

Upon fears of ever failing freedoms

Chained as slaves in dour dungeons

Foolish humans who give up their power

This is their sunless hour

By force-of-will you may reclaim

Sovereignty beyond your name

The mastery of this dimension

Is recognition of ascension

Know the truth that within you lies

Self awareness the ultimate prize

Your essential nature realize

Engaged eternally in Divine Dance

Collaborating in all circumstance

Flowing with all the variations

Moving beyond our limitations

Discovering new potentials as we interact

Creating more as we attract

Opposites that expand our being

Into bold new ways of seeing

Light is essential for life to thrive

In the darkness we all revive

Honoring the cycles, the ebb and flow

From this dynamic all life does grow

Light and dark in balance behold

The story of such great majesty told

Ancient we are far beyond our dreams

Traveling the cosmos on light beams

Arriving on this Earth by choice

Towards love’s wisdom give your voice

A mighty crossroads has been reached

Trust in goodwill has been breached

By selfishness so far beyond reason

Leaders everywhere committing treason

Upon the people they have pledged to serve

Chained to poverty they do not deserve

In the end everyone will lose

Unless a path of love we choose

On which all life is dearly respected

With no one left out or neglected

Knowing nature is the primary source

A river of blessings in life’s course

If only I had a magic wand and staff

A neck much longer than a giraffe

That I could see above these clouds

That wrap our futures all in shrouds

To set each heart and mind ablaze

With loving-kindness that would amaze

Even the angels would celebrate

A re-birth on Earth contemplate

Eliminating all kinds of fear and dread

And creatures that have upon these fed

Transparency of who we truly are

Beings of light from near and far

Entangled in this great mystery

Evolving new spirals of mastery

Come forth my child and we shall find

All of those who have been left behind

Lifting them up so that we all may see

A manifestation of deep harmony

Coherence within every heart and mind

Treating all with care and being kind

Prayers for respect and liberation

From fear, greed and limitation

The birth of a new generation

That engages life in celebration

Of all the arts that uplift our souls

The healing power of love extols

So enter now into your temple

Open your heart and mind to receive

The source of truth is transcendental

Wisdom beyond what you believe

Make love and kindness at the core essential

And you will neither harm nor deceive

Yourself or others as you engage

In the many blessings of this new age

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