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Open My Heart & Fly Free

Black forest canopy

Silhouettes in front of me

Etched into the steel blue sky

Before the sun rises high

Warmth as shadows turn to light

Mind visions swirl like snow flurries

My eyes strain to regain my sight

Blurred by clouds of mental worries

Oh the futility of any course

There is no escape from this force

Jump on board and ride the wave

Free myself and be brave

In the distant far horizons

Ships are sailing out at sea

The enchantment of the sirens

Are to the unknown calling me

Into the depths of vast deception

In search of pearls I dive deep

All is a matter of perception

May truth and beauty be what I reap

Let go of fear and take the plunge

Into the ocean of mystery

From my dark shadows lunge

Enter the world with inquiry

Woke into the mind of my child

Innocence filled with curiosity

Reckless and at times wild

Leading to my precocity

My imagination is on fire

What possibilities exist?

What qualities do I admire?

What energies will I enlist?

To create the world I wish to be

Amidst this mass insanity

Requires strong focused attention

That will lead to my ascension

Lay the framework everyday

For the ways I want to play

Let my every interaction

Be filled with love and satisfaction

This is no joke, yet is a game

Play it well without shame

Know my immortality

Reach beyond infinity

In all actions be loving and kind

To my higher self be aligned

Thus blessings will fill my life

Cut through illusions like a knife

With sacred knowledge I can be free

To live multidimensionally

Attune my vibration and frequency

To loving-kindness for all to be

This is not the only way

I must choose what I say

What fears and emotions I display

Will be my experience every day

No one else directs my course

I am the playwright and the source

Let imagination run wild

Be creative as a child

In order to return home

On many pathways I must roam

Learning as I go along

Creating my unique song

The only key that is required

Is love that’s within me wired

Open my heart and fly free

Engage in this magic fantasy

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Alan Jay White
Alan Jay White
29. Juli 2021


Gefällt mir
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