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One Earth Now

Trampled under boot and wheel

The earth feels the weight of steel

Bearing destruction and pain

Protests and deaths all in vain

There is no person we can blame

Tragic players in this game

No side right and no side wrong

Only hubris that’s headstrong

Overdue yet not too late

To reach out and to relate

Having failed to see the need

For security, in deed

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In this world we must work together

Resolve conflicts that storms we weather

No person or group can go it alone

For all our misdeeds we must atone

Through compassion and understanding

The way revealed to peace longstanding

Diplomacy based on honesty

Matched by actions of integrity

Challenges before us now loom large

To tackle these we must all take charge

Seeing beyond petty desires

Thus not consumed by wildfires

This Age of Greed and Stupid must end

Our civilization now defend

Call all leaders to fulfill their vows

Protect and nurture, wellness espouse

Together every tribe and nation

End injustice and its causation

One Earth now, no more separation

Care for Gaia in exaltation

Be kind to others and change our course

United become a peaceful force

With love in our hearts let us now rise

All nations and peoples our allies

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