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If I hold my breath long enough

will time be frozen and dissolve?

Why does my heart tremble at the unexpected?

Shall I run away, bury myself in self-pity,

hiding in the darkness where no one can find me?

I look out at black forest canopy silhouettes

and wonder if they are a mirror of my soul

like cut paper glued on a silver sky

Oh, the fear of feeling trapped with no escape

and the reaper looming at the door

eager to harvest my last ray of hope

that quickly fades as the next attack of ego falls

from a sky of jealously and greed

Tick-tock, tick-tock, I count the moments

I feel the despair within that eats my mind

I run deeper into the maze of stagnant air

and imagine ways to escape from myself

My mind screams, ‘no turning back, no way out’

Exhaustion overwhelms me and I collapse

into disturbed restlessness, surrendered

My nightmare fades with the subtle colors of pre-dawn

Sun’s deep red orb marks another day

Breaking through clouds awareness flows

into the vessel of my empty shell

Carved out by my suffering

and raised up by your love

How could I fall into despair

with so much beauty at my doorstep?

Blinded by my own ignorance and amnesia

I look around, gobsmacked by the miracle of life

Subtle voices whisper, ‘remember, remember what you are’

I reach out with nimble fingers for memory threads

slowly re-weaving the cloth of my being

before I arrived, beyond all form, out-of-time

Concepts my mind cannot grasp

forcing me to let go into the dark stillness within

I rest and release my need to understand

allowing universal intelligence to soak into my pores

My boundaries drop away as I melt into the river of energy

forever flowing through and around me

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