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Striations of color at dawn and dusk

Removing the dark night or bright day’s husk

Signaling transformation with the Sun

Day into night, night into day done

With natural cycles we self-regulate

Our bodies attune and thus emulate

Universal flows within and without

We are a miracle, there is no doubt

When miracles manifest there is awe

Rigid beliefs and limitations thaw

Yet we miss the miracle that we are

And prefer to look toward a distant star

Surrounded by love in Great Mystery

Each and all have the opportunity

To recognize our full capacity

And claim our great potentiality

Everyone on Earth has a special place

We are all blessed by creation’s sweet grace

To discover that for which our heart sings

Is a great blessing that to our life brings

Go into a forest, a park or field

Become quiet and to the magic yield

Earth’s loving wisdom you will then receive

Open your mind and in this truth believe

Let kindness in action fill all your days

May beauty and love bless you in all ways

Remember you are a great miracle

Of creation vast that’s empirical

So use your power for the good of all

There is no time to waste, or we will fall

Into despair that is driven by greed

Refusing to look at what we all need

Our violent and fragile world on the brink

Of cascading into a tragic sink

War and injustice must quickly give way

To peace and justice that is here to stay

In your heart of hearts take a sacred vow

Rise up, declare health and well-being now

With joy in our hearts we greet each new day

Loving-kindness in all actions display

Imagine a world of transparency

Where education has supremacy

Trust pervasive in all states and nations

Fairness and kindness in all relations

Oh miracle of love and creation

With the power of manifestation

Meet the challenge of these uncertain times

Give up destruction and immoral crimes

A bright new world awaits us to create

We are ready to enter heaven’s gate

On sacred Earth now the time has arrived

For Love, Truth and Justice to be revived

If we all strive together this shall be

What we will see in our reality

This is the miracle of creation

Consciousness focused manifestation

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