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Message From Gaia

The Sun dawns upon a new day.

The Earth breathes in an out, fresh air on winds

cleaner than it’s been for decades.

Skies blue and clear

without the “usual” clutter of aircraft

carrying people for purpose and desire.

Empty city streets and squares,

peace and quiet circling the globe.

Celebrations of song and humor

circulating through cyberspace.

Opinions, ideas, points of view, art and visions

all shared virtually across invisible networks,

vibrating at unique frequencies,

carrying messages of love, fear, anxiety, hope.

All sorts of imagination and news

fabricated and true.

This is a time for us all to take a breath ...

Release our tensions ...

Relax into what is ...

Be present and aware.

Can we live together, you and I?

Will you allow me to thrive

while you grow and multiply?

Or will your desires overwhelm me

until I have to throw you off?

Most of you have taken me for granted,

assuming that I am your property, your slave, your possession.

Do you not recognize your own mother?

I am the mother of all life on Earth!

None of you would be here without me.

Isn’t that obvious?

I, like you, am limited in my physical form.

Beyond that, we are limitless and we are one.

Reach into the vast intelligence that lies within you,

imagine ways to live that will honor your mother,

caring for my body’s health and well-being.

My love is boundless.

For most of you, your love is conditional.

This is the virus that is plaguing you now;

all your conditions, desires, fetishes and greed are killing us both.

I have stopped you in your tracks to reflect on this.

Will you consider ...

What behaviors and values need to change

for us to share this small corner of space together?

It breaks my heart to say that if you do not ...

Then you are not welcome here anymore.

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