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Love’s Power

Blowing strong across the sea

Change is coming for you and me

The light is shining bright and clear

Open your heart, release your fear

Throughout your life you get to choose

The game is not to win or lose

Wisdom supreme is the prize to gain

Compassion and Love can heal all pain

The truth is known far and wide

There never was a place to hide

All your actions come back to you

So be very careful what you do

There is Ascension, no lasting Hell

Only you know from the stories you tell

What is True and what is pretend

All will become clear in the end

We fear pain and suffering

Crucial to our understanding

Of Love’s power that we imbibe

That’s essential for us to thrive

Embrace your suffering and your pain

Great compassion is yours to gain

Which opens the doors to love’s domain

And in that place you may remain

Choose to love now, best not to wait

If you ignore and hesitate

You may find that it is too late

And doors are shut at Heaven’s Gate.

Imagine that we are all aware

And create harmony everywhere

An earthly paradise would be ours

With healing, life-giving powers

This our heritage now to claim

A sacred trust is ours to gain

Unite with others now awake

In all domains through Heaven’s Gate

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