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Love Is Your Birthright

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall

Seasons of our lives that call

For us to change and adapt

Search for meaning we are rapt

Sensitive and insecure

Inner pain does thus endure

Return to love, you will see

The radiance that you be

If I had one gift to give

Self-love for all to embrace

With this love we all will live

Together in Divine Grace

In this life we can be free

Through illusion we must see

And find our way to the door

Enter where your love will soar

When anything negative

Comes your way, love to it give

All darkness you will dispel

Love’s magic within you dwell

To freedom this is the key

Powerful for all to see

All darkness ends with Love’s light

Our future set, shining bright

Live each day in this delight

Celebrate with fresh insight

Love is truly your birthright

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