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Love Informed by Wisdom, Deep & Strong

Waves of light infusing every cell

Information flowing from the source

Radiance all around and within

Eyes cannot see, ears cannot hear

True nature hidden in all things

Our senses narrow the field

Attention scattered on the surface

Ignorant of our magnificence

Physical laws govern

Yet do not be deceived

By the poverty of perceptions

Surround yourself with beauty and love

Be passionate for liberation

Break the chains of limitation

Open wide the safe of your beliefs

Release all cherished pre-conceptions

Be blessed and one with radiant Sun

Shine wisdom, kindness & compassion

Feel the majesty of creation

We are waves in multi-dimension

All One beyond imagination

Take hold of the torch of truth and run

With your wildest dreams on your passion path

Break open your heart and let love guide

Every word, deed, thought, emotion

Love informed by wisdom, deep and strong

Empowered, liberated, healthy

An instrument of peace, kindness, love

Stand up tall and sing out your anthem

Your vision of how this world can be

For you, all creatures and all children

We are spread out, one great family

Divided only by bigotry

Awaken to your full potential

That we all may thrive with Gaia now

Alive with justice, peace and harmony

Goodwill for all, a grand symphony

Loving-kindness our great destiny

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