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Love for Others is the Key

A man awakes from troubled sleep

Mind packed with thoughts that creep

And crowd like crumpled paper

Each thread a disappearing vapor

Wishing for a way out of madness

Only leading to deeper sadness

Grandiose visions, all illusion

Self-indulgence and confusion

Like moldy fruit left out too long

Attracting flies, something’s wrong

Woe to the poverty of greed

Never enough to fulfil the need

Always hungry, demanding more

Vicious jealousy is keeping score

All is rotten to the core

Twisted like maggots in a corpse

Foul fetid flesh, no remorse

From his soul he does divorce

All for his craving he stays the course

Ignorance and blindness at the source

Sleepless nights and fleeting days

Keep the man inside his haze

Of thick fog, which blinds his sight

Forever lost within his plight

Only when he hits the ground

Falling from great height

With twisted fantasies around

No longer can he take flight

Impounded by his fear

That he will not obtain

The pleasures that are near

That he craves in vain

Keep him bound and tied

To all the ways he’s lied

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To free himself from his chains

He must find what still remains

Claiming his full humanity

He can return to sanity

Self-forgiveness is a must

Honesty a sacred trust

Love for others is the key

To open the heart of humanity

Compassion flows in this way

Supporting others day to day

To be healthy and to thrive

Expressing our love we must strive

To care for life great and small

A loving family we must recall

The beauty of Nature we partake

Essential for all that we make

Without her we cannot create

For from her womb we emanate

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