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Love at the Heart of All

I look out across great expanse

To far horizons of the sea

Channel of mighty circumstance

Between islands, infinity

Languid waves rolling liquid clear

Breaking to white as they get near

The rocky shore and water green

A lens through which the world is seen

Beneath the oceans secrets lie

Unknown treasures they do contain

Where whales dive deep as if they fly

And wisdom of the ancients gain

Clarity slowly comes with calm

Stillness brings possibility

Which to the soul is like a balm

Opening doors to sanctity

Wind blowing gently on my face

Caressing me in sacred space

My mind expands beyond this place

Open to receive divine grace

I join the brilliance of the day

Bathed in a wash of colors play

With light and shadow out of time

Through all of this our souls align

I am the dancer and the dance

Apparently as if by chance

This cloud illusion I now lance

With creation I take my stance

Love at the heart of all and each

Within the grasp for us to reach

Through our actions we all can teach

Loving kindness for all beseech

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