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Love and Jealousy


A lone swimmer from far away makes his way slowly toward the coast. Below him sharks hunting for prey, towards his goal he is engrossed. Where did he start, how can he be all alone in the dark blue sea? His story is a tragedy with origins in blasphemy.

His mind swirls with every stroke, wild and mad thoughts his anger stoke.

Tired and lonely he must go on, lest all his hope will be foregone. The time he walked upon the land, crushing flowers beneath his feet, never thinking to give a hand, always trying to make ends meet.

Then with beauty he fell in love! His heart began to open wide. Tenderness he partook thereof with loving kindness by his side. For years he dwelt in harmony, his loving life a fantasy that lifted him in ecstasy. The door was locked to his amoury.

His name was Nick, so he was called, eldest child of his parents brood. From a young age with guns enthralled as tools to settle any feud. Then one day his heart was broken, as if love was but a token! Easily lost, he was unaware of the dark shadows in his lair.

He did not see how it all started. This terrain was then uncharted. Beginning slowly from a seed that grew so fast he failed to heed. Jealousy that he first ignored, thoughts that he did not want to feel. Days into months inside him stored ,never asking about what was real. Feelings festered inside his mind. The burden became so heavy, that a way out he had to find. Within him a war did levy. His amour became unlocked, weapons taken down from the shelf. His beloved utterly shocked to see this dark side of his self!

Oh such tragedy now I tell, such sadness to these lovers fell. Nick overwhelmed by his anger drew out and raised high his dagger. Murdering the love of his life, with tears streaming and heart in strife; not realizing what he’d done, blinded by passion, his rage won. Gazing down at the pool of blood, into his mind images flood; “What have I done, how can this be?” He had committed blasphemy for the love that he held so dear.

Seeing his deed he fell and cried, now destroyed he collapse din fear; “What shall I do, where can I hide”?

Mad and confused his mind swirled. The knife in his hand he then hurled into the garden where he ran. This is where our story began.

Jumping into the dark ocean, into the depths, swimming strongly. Trying to suppress emotion from his actions so ungodly. Nick’s bloodstained hands were soon washed clean. His mind replayed the murder scene, as if it all was a bad dream that he could wake from and redeem. Exhaustion soon does overtake, harder for him to stay awake. Letting go he begins to sink, the salt water he starts to drink. Drowning in his sorrow and tears, the sharks attack and take his years. Fulfilling all his hidden fears, grasping for his life. Then suddenly his love appears!

Bolting upright in his bed, catching his breath, still in the dread of his nightmare, then huge relief! Shaking he releases his grief. His lover awakes, so confused. Nick’s eyes are filled with gratitude; wet with tears running down his face his life now saved and filled with grace! Embracing, the beloveds kiss. Not a moment more will they miss. Sharing their love and checking in, deep dialogues must now begin.

This is a lesson for us all: to cherish love and not to fall into darkness and fantasy; best to verify reality.

We all see life through our own lens. Always ask your family and friends what they perceive and what they think, and of their wisdom you will drink.


Do not take anything personally is a basic tenet for us all to be able to show up with neutrality and engage with others in harmony.

Not everyone will get a second chance, so be careful in every circumstance to question your motives before you act, that your goals achieve and goodwill attract.

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