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Live in Kindness & to Love Aspire

I will not be swayed by thoughts of doom

Scenarios of brutality amidst the gloom

By hidden agendas that seek to control

Our personal freedoms that keep us whole

I will rather cling to a vision profound

That will carry me to a higher ground

From where I can see and others inspire

To live in kindness and to love aspire

May all people awaken to the greater truth

That we are all connected, elders and youth

Nature and humans woven inextricably

Together, we dream a world that can be

Individual actions are where to begin

Awareness of thoughts that arise from within

By accepting our negativity

We can then transform it constructively

I ask myself before I speak

What is it that I truly seek?

Is there a way for me to gain

What I want without causing pain?

Are my spoken words true and wise?

Would it be best to compromise?

What will it take for me to find

True and lasting peace of mind?

When people live in harmony

A beautiful world this will be

Nature, humans and animals

Clean air and pristine waterfalls

This our garden we must be aware

How to attend, for each other care

With so much power some of us wield

From destruction and greed we must shield

The choice is ours, oh lords of the Earth

To heal our wounds inflicted from birth

Never project that others are wrong

Join together in life’s sacred song

United as one let’s take a stand

To live secure in a promised land

Where tolerance and love reign supreme

As one great family live the dream

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