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Life and Death

I sit cozy

In my cocoon

As storms rage

And rock my room

High seas and dark clouds

Overwhelm the stage

Life and death

As I age

To my last breath

In this cage

There is no hope.

I am lost.

In this sea,

Madness is the cost

Of entry

Into this holocaust.




Disconnected from

Great mystery;

Denying all

That I can be,

Vicious and oh,

So deadly.

And so will I go

To my grave?

Fast or slow,

Not brave.

In darkness cry

None can save

I will die

And where I’ll go

I cannot know;

Maybe the end

Of the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Perhaps there is

Another way

To live and in this

Game to play

Knowing at last

That I will be

One with

Supreme Reality

Life and death

What does this mean?

With each breath

Into the dream

Of death and life

Not what it seems.

Who is the I

That will die?

Is this not

A vicious lie?

Now I sit to contemplate

Passing through another round

Rebirth into a higher state

Reaching a higher ground

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