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Let Us Rise In The Light

My heart expands with each drop of rain

Clouds hang heavy like blankets

Overburdened with the water of life

Letting go sheets that soak Earth’s bed

Breaking fever of pent up accumulation

Relieving and renewing balance

Pregnant and giving birth

To a new world of possibilities

How I yearn for an awakening

The restoration of integrity and intelligence

Wisdom unfolding it’s mysterious web

Embracing those who step away

Willing to look deeply into the mouth of truth

Extracting cavities long rotten from misuse

Clearing the way for new growth

Opportunities for re-generation

How is that you have lost your way?

Hoping to be found you have fallen

Into the depths of ignorance, oh my love

I long for your embrace and the innocence

That we once shared and celebrated

United in radiant knowing

That we will never truly understand

This great mystery

Have we grown old and scared

Frightened at the slightest rustle in the leaves?

Demons are lurking in dark corners

Ready to grab us unawares

And sweep us into the vast unknown

Let us break free my love

Let us rise in the light that lies within us

And bow in gratitude to the glory of love

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