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It’s Not Too Late

Lost in the day as if at night

Clouds obscuring the bright sunlight

Shadows within the soul ignite

Pains in people forced into flight

Caught in the chains of their sad plight

Humanity is at a point

Opportunity can anoint

To choose our path in the unknown

To shed behaviors we’ve outgrown

Sins of the past we must atone

The way through is a mystery

Keys lie in human history

Exploring the past we can see

Mistakes and possibility

For choosing paths that set us free

On our own we cannot be strong

To know that which is right or wrong

Toward our demise we march headlong

We all must learn to get along

That suffering we don’t prolong

Finding non-violent means a must

To re-establish our lost trust

We must control our greed and lust

To have a world that is robust

And into a just future thrust

I share this prayer with one and all

That we wake up and hear the call

To live in kindness and stand tall

Helping each other through this squall

Ensuring that we rise, not fall

Our time on Earth a precious gift

We have reached the brink of a rift

On life’s currents we’re set adrift

It’s not too late for us to lift

Each other and our ways to shift

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