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Updated: Nov 14, 2022


From the forces of oppression

We shed our chains

Walk free in equality

Can this really ever be

In a world of inequality

The Great Dream

The Grand Delusion

Politics of confusion

Money and power

Control the tower

No more guiding light

Only storms and blight

We are not free

Do not be blind

The rules and laws

For all not kind

We are bound

Controlled by power

Forces of goodness

Struggle to flower

The truth is before us

Yet we do not see

Asleep or numb

We struggle to be

Healthy and well

To our capacity

I write from a tower

Holding a lamp

To light the path

For those who seek

The way to freedom

True and lasting

Beyond the laws

That bind and limit

Open your eyes

And your loving heart

The light is bright

Balancing the dark

Nothing to lose

Everything to gain

Let go of your burdens

And your pain


Set your course

In kindness and love

No remorse

Do not be distracted

By the games that are played

That blind and bind you

To illusions displayed

Free from ignorance

Stake your claim

In love’s dimension

All goodness remain

Walk in kindness

And you will find

The path that merges

Heart and mind

Where love converges

Intentions align

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