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In God We Trust

Foundations of Democracy

Where all people are to be free

Built upon corrupt fallacy

To treat all people equally

While some are chained in slavery

Lies steeped high in hypocrisy

What nation will be strong and grow

When seeds of disparity sow

From a rotten core we all know

Divine blessings will never flow

Great suffering brings only woe

Without change our treasures forego

What really matters in the end

Is what we do and not pretend

All wrong-doing reprehend

Misguided ways we must amend

Awaken now and comprehend

With loving-kindness now transcend

Blessings will flow to those in kind

Always take heed and bear in mind

With love and respect treasures find

To social justice be aligned

Equality to all assigned

No person lost or left behind

Nature from which all life sustains

Nourishment that runs in our veins

We must care for all that remains

Variety within all strains

Essential keys that link all chains

Upon fertile ground our love rains

Only energy you will take

When on the other side you wake

Is love that in this life you make

Negativity you must shake

Determine what is real or fake

Dive deeply into pure love’s lake

To live up to “In God We Trust”

Honesty within is a must

Greed leads only to boom and bust

Control, another form of lust

With loving-kindness we will thrust

Into a future fair and just

So rise up now and take a stand

To purify our sacred land

To all the needy give a hand

Together in love we must band

United let freedom expand

A peaceful world we must demand

Whether or not this comes to be

Do not give up and you will see

That in your heart you will be free

To bathe in love’s eternal sea

In all dimensions you’ll decree

That you have found life’s sacred key

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