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In a Temple By the Sea

Painting by Kuntal Desai

In a temple by the sea

Stands a frangipani tree

Branches twisting and fertile

Flower fragrances beguile

Buffeted by winds and storms

A lacework screen each branch forms

Strong, supple, a tapestry

Brown, green, fragrant majesty

Flowers yellow, white, and red

At the tips of branches spread

Offerings for all to take

Beauty blessings they will wake

Found around the tropic zone

In temples and graveyards grown

In all gardens it is known

So often it stands alone

Flowers that are loved by all

In the wind to earth they fall

Creating beauty on the ground

Joyful blessings all around

Into shrines they find their way

Crowning offerings each day

Held in prayers from deep within

To woke and in love begin

Each moment your love express

That others can their’s access

To live within love’s embrace

Joins all hearts in holy grace

Inspiration from a tree

Has power to set us free

Standing strong, roots in the earth

Beautiful and of great worth

Cherish nature, you will find

Blessings flow when you are kind

Embrace love, let go of stress

Sweet harmony will life bless

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