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Immortality & Love

Throughout this time and everything you do,

the most important realization is to know your true nature as a spiritual being,

a point of consciousness united with the energy of creation.

Everything material that exists is crystallized thought,

manifesting as a result of focused, energized thoughts over time.

Some things are magnetized quickly into our lives.

Some things take longer to appear depending on the level of energy that we put into them

and the level of density;

objects take more “time” than experience;

emotional and mental shifts can be instantaneous.

Earth is a school, a difficult one for many.

Teachers are everywhere, ready to guide people out of their suffering.

All suffering is self-created.

You are an immortal being;

death is a portal to another dimension.

You do not have to wait until you “die” to discover your true nature.

Clear and open your mind, ask and you shall receive.

There are no dark and evil forces out there that can harm you.

Only the dark thoughts that you harbor within yourself can trap you in suffering.

Let go, surrender, and flow with the stream of loving consciousness within all of creation.

Trust in loving-kindness and compassion and strive to serve the well-being of others.

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