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Heart to Heart May Blessings Flow

Water surges from a sacred spring

Filling a pool before entering

Silently flowing into a stream

That falls and ripples in a light beam

Water dances toward the great ocean

High in the mountains set in motion

Merging together with growing force

The farther that it travels from source

Removing obstacles from its course

As we evolve and move through life’s maze

We sometimes fall and forget to praise

The many blessings throughout our days

Lost in those moments when hardship falls

When we feel restrained and blocked by walls

Forward motion disrupted, then stalls

Oh great and powerful mystery

Help me relieve my anxiety

Troubled, uneasy with piety

That love and blessings will flow to me

Filling my heart with your majesty

Lifting my spirit in ecstasy

Revealing my immortality

Through force of will I enter in trust

Thence deep into my heart I am thrust

Where all my fears and darkness combust

Burning my dross and making robust

My mind and my spirit now adjust

To loving-kindness I am thus trussed

In a world compassionate and just

Filled with wonderment, light and stardust

Blessed Gaia, mother of my heart

May this new day give me a fresh start

To release my fears that hold me back

Negative thoughts that at times attack

Pulling me down into misery

Disconnecting me from mystery

I will rise now in my sanctity

And reclaim my soul and dignity

With love create my reality

And as it is, so shall it be

For now, and all eternity

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