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Harmony, Peace & Tolerance

Vastness of space

Infinite grace

Great Mystery

Soul destiny

We pray for Harmony, Peace & Tolerance

In the hearts and minds of all people, everywhere

Harmony within all families

Harmony between all races and religions

Peace within every mind and heart

Peace within and between all communities and nations

Tolerance for different cultures, ideas and beliefs

Tolerance that supports celebration of all the many and various harmless ways that people express their passions and creativity

We pray for wisdom and strength.

Wisdom to understand the interconnectedness of all life

Wisdom that is free of limited judgments

Wisdom that weighs everything in the light of the greatest good for all,

Wisdom that supports individual freedom of expression

Wisdom that knows the causes of harm to self or others

Strength to control and transform our negative emotions

Strength to protect the meek, the innocent, and those beings who do not speak in words that most humans comprehend

Strength to restrain those who would take away our individual and collective freedoms and restrict unique and different forms of expression

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