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My heart aches at the greed of men

Who for profit destroy again

Precious forests that give us life

Corruption everywhere is rife

My soul cries for the earth that bleeds

Our mother who supports and feeds

All her children beyond their needs

Greed in humans ignorance seeds

Is stupidity a harsh word

For all the damage that’s incurred?

Even with our current knowledge

Collapse some do not acknowledge

What are we thinking when we act?

In ways that from the earth extract

That which cannot be replenished

Resources forever vanished

What will we do when they’re all gone?

The final balance has been drawn

With nothing left for us to take

How will our greed we satiate?

Each other for all time we’ve killed

For vengeance and gain, blood we’ve spilled

When will compassion come to be

Ingrained in our humanity?

This is a call from Mother Earth

Stop your greed now for all it’s worth

For soon there will be nothing left

We all will fall into the cleft

You know now what is essential

Also what is incidental

Do not let this time be a waste

May greed from all minds be erased

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