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Great Mystery Play Divine

This sacred day I celebrate

A new dawn to emancipate

All that we love to emulate

For peace and joy to promulgate

Blessings flow from within our hearts

When all of us do play our parts

Share our love and with kindness act

That well-being we will attract

The time has come to instigate

The Truth of Love now to relate

Our profound power to create

Can bring about a new estate

Oh Great Mystery Play Divine

I declare a new paradigm

That in my garden I will sow

Peace, Laughter, Health & Love to grow.

This is my Christmas wish for all

Who will rise to answer this call

There is one thing that you must do

Let go of pain inside of you

Forgive the past that grips your heart

Release all judgments on your part

Of what is right and what is wrong

Act with kindness and thus be strong

Awaken to a brilliant dawn

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