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This morning I woke up to waves

Gently breaking as moonlight bathes

The sea and shore in silver light

Brilliant sun reflected at night

I sit still and journey within

To sacred chambers of my heart

Beyond my mind I then begin

To merge with all that I am part

Centered in this great mystery

I surrender to majesty

The energy that flows in me

United with the dark gray sea

The ocean is calm, vast and deep

Serenely rolling toward the shore

The world awaking from its sleep

As Earthsong rises from the core

Songs of birds burst forth from the trees

Swallows swoop and sway silently

Geckos cackling in their sweet ease

Sounds emerge as a symphony

The sea so calm I have not seen

Every day for this past week

I ask myself what does it mean?

Is this our mother’s way to speak?

Informing us that all is well

Sit back, relax, and watch the show

Connect to loved ones, stories tell

As time passes, we all will know

Do you trust that there is a plan?

Or is this all a random play?

Destruction at the hand of man?

Or Divine Love that guides the way?

I watch the dolphins diving deep

The chirping birds in flocks so sweet

White clouds across a blue sky sweep

As angels in the heavens meet

Great universe, Gaia divine

Hold me close to your loving breast

That my heart will open and shine

Receiving all that you bequest

In gratitude I bow to you

To guide me now and see me through

This time of change that brings unrest

That harmony may manifest

For all the world that is so blind

To awaken now and be kind

Finding love in every heart

This is the place for us to start

The dance of life is all around

In every place it can be found

Humor and laughter will abound

When heart-to-heart we do resound

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