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Kindness and Love at the Center

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Elves and fairies in the forest

Gnomes, dragons in caves underground

A world of imagination

Alive and well in a child’s mind

Butterflies and dragonflies dance

In breezes above the meadow

Floating, darting into dark woods

The miracle is all around

A circle of tall trees surround

This green meadow with it’s boulders

Guardians of Great Mystery

Haven of peace and sanctity

I take refuge from my angst

Quiet my mind, resist despair

Gratitude for this sweet moment

My soul is soothed by nature’s care

Butterflies turn into fairies

Flowers and plants morph into elves

A huge boulder is now a gate

To treasures where dragons await

My inner child is now awake

Magic appears and fills the air

My mind returns to innocence

Fertile, expanded, and aware

My heart flies open with the wind

Behold the beauty, feel the love

Gently flowing from the Mother

Blessings from within and above

Refreshed and renewed I rise up

To continue my forest walk

Among great trees I find refuge

And strength to carry on with love

From the hilltop I now look out

Where tall mountains meet the ocean

A vast expanse below me lies

Opening my mind to vision

A world of beauty and respect

Where all care for and none neglect

Kindness and love at the center

Of this new world that we enter

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