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Our World, Our Future

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

When I look at the world situation, I cannot yet imagine how we are going to survive with well-being into the future. People are divided and adversarial, heads of state and many highly polluting corporations are in denial of climate crisis and keep on destroying the environment. Many human beings are competitive and greedy and will do anything to get what they want. With these factors at play, taking into account gentle people with their daily acts of kindness, and corporations which are socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable, it doesn’t seem that we have a chance of meeting the challenges before us so that humanity can move forward in a healthy and sustainable way. In order to achieve this, there needs to be a concerted, cooperative effort by all people and parties in business and governments, which at present, there is not. Seeing this is disheartening at best, and crippling at worst. I’m somewhere in between, although I am an optimist, and believe in miracles.

Imagination is the first step in the process of manifestation. Look around you. Notice the chairs, the tables, glasses, books, etc. Whatever is man-made first began with someone coming up with the design in their minds, as a thought. In Bali, this is called Niskala, the realm of the unseen. Before a Balinese starts on a new journey and a new venture, they make offerings and pray to the unseen realms, of spirits, Gods and angels for support and inspiration. In western cultures, from ancient times until the present, artists, designers and visionaries have had their muses who have inspired them; in the flesh and/or in their imaginations.

It is essential to imagine visions for a sustainable future, with environmental, mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being for this to manifest. I would hope that we all would agree that living in a world where acts of kindness are deeply valued and respected, where the products that we consume do not contribute to human suffering, environmental toxicity and degradation, and where acceptance and support for different beliefs and non-harmful ways of living and acting are of paramount importance. With our current state of affairs, where racism, religions, nationalism, and social media are stimulating division and intolerance, we must come up with ways to shift from aggressive, self-interest driven actions toward actions for the common good. This is our highest task, and one that millions of people are aware of and waking up to at this moment.

I will refer to this “world of our dreams” as Gaia Woke. Just as each of us is on a journey of personal transformation throughout out lives, so we are all on a collective journey of evolution and transformation with Gaia Consciousness and all of creation.

WokeUp.Love is my small offering toward this sustainable world with mutual respect, peaceful cooperation, and acts of kindness at the heart of the matter.

Like us all, I am learning how to walk my talk, and exploring visions and ways to bring about the Great Realization and shift in consciousness that will land us in the world of our dreams. And this begins with each individual living according to their highest aspirations for the well-being of all life, from the micro-organisms in our soil, all animals in captivity and the wild, to ourselves, our families, friends, strangers, and foreigners.

As I explore visions of pathways that will lead us from where we are now to Gaia Woke, I will be posting my discoveries and offering links to resources that support this process in the Take Action section of this blog. I encourage any of you to post your ideas, visions, and recommended organizations as well. We’re all in this together.

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