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Dream a New World

Venus brilliant in the evening sky

Floating above pink shaded clouds

Separated by ghostly strips of misty blue

Reaching above verdant fields, hills and forests

Toward a massive volcano rising from the valley floor

Full moon, shining silver sphere floating in dark deep space

Escorted by Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Pluto

Powerful times of change reflected in the cosmos

All is calm as the day fades to gray

Moisture illuminated by distant city lights

Morphing into almost black and beyond

Cloud veils draped across the sky

Refreshing breezes caress my body

Rolling waves fold softly on the beach below

This is a garden filled with fragrance, beauty and love

Harmony and well-being at the foundation

Kindness, respect, and gratitude at every turn

Mother Earth yields her bounty for her children

Does she ask if one is more worthy than another?

Does the Sun not shine equally upon all?

Light, water, earth balanced by fire bring forth life

Do they select which new being is worthy to grow?

Universal awareness, energy, intelligence

Thrive on diversity and variation

Oh, humans of great wealth and power

Amassed from the blood of conquest

Prospering through exploitation

Masterful manipulation

Take heed and care for the bounty

that nature generously lays before you

Through desires and greed

One falls out of harmony

with the energetic flow of creation

Brilliant minds awake unto this new era

Free yourselves from egoic swamps of toxicity

Dream into being a new prosperity to be shared by all

Shed your fears of poverty and addiction to accumulation

Connect to the infinite abundance of the Universe

Open your heart to the call of life itself

That all your relationships be infused with Love

Freedom, freedom from want and hunger

Freedom from the nightmare of suffering

Freedom from the bonds that hold you back

from embracing your deepest and highest nature

Freedom to choose what is right and good

that all of life is nourished by your touch

Freedom to act out your darkest fantasies

in ways that are safe for others and yourself

Lonely birds call from their nests in ancient trees

Geckos cackle and croak with frogs

Night has wrapped itself around my warm body

Whispering “All is well, time to rest.”

Our dreams have power to shape our destiny

I recline and dream a new world of












Health, well-being

and more…

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