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Dragons From the Mountains Fly

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Dragons from the mountains fly

Thunder and lightning up on high

Storm clouds gather over earth and sea

Signs of disruption and intensity

Disease rampant far and wide

Illness choking the countryside

Poverty increasing in every nation

Everywhere lives of desperation

So many lies, truths not told

Sharp divisions now behold

Regulations met with instigation

People yearning for revelation

In contrast are those who live in light

Who in their lives there is delight

Wonder and beauty all around

Love and kindness for all abound

Reality reflects our consciousness

Are we seeing life as more or less

Oppressors always lurking and on the move

Or angel’s blessings for our lives to improve

Whatever exists within the mind

Will be created and thus assigned

Awareness that embraces the shadow

Is essential for well-being to thrive and grow

We demonize what we don’t understand

Through ignorance we destroy sacred land

This is the time for us to release

The darkness, that the light increase

Join the miracle of creation

Claim all as family relation

All connected we enter this dance

That love and kindness take their stance

In this confusing world of deception

It’s hard to find one’s true direction

Your true north lies within your heart

With kindness and love play your part

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