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Divine Intelligence

Divine Intelligence within all things

Sacred Mystery of our Creation

From darkness to light absolute love brings

All beings into manifestation

I am in awe of this complexity

Comprehension beyond ability

In this dance of life my coalition

Prepares me for an ultimate mission

The shadow side of our evolution

Is for sure within our constitution

Undeniably part of who we are

That burns from within us as in a star

To distant realms psychonauts have explored

Reporting on worlds that they have adored

Offering wisdom best not to ignore

Guiding us to a magnificent shore

Only consciousness is what we will take

When on the other side of death we wake

Examine the reasons that hold you back

Best to free yourself and remain on track

Loving-kindness and compassion are keys

That unlock all doors in realities

Within our pure light imagination

Exist untold realms of fascination

Break free, rejoice in celestial love

Blessings surround us, below and above

Arise and partake of this divine dance

Grateful for this present and circumstance.

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