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Dive into the Darkest Sea

Seven days and seven nights

Months come and go endlessly

Until we turn off the lights

We are engaged actively

When we rest and go to sleep

Recharged deeply from the source

Dreams we may or may not keep

There to help us chart our course

From what place do dreams arise

Our higher self is at play

To make aware and advise

To show us another way

Consciousness so unexplored

There is no way to measure

By science thus is ignored

Yet therein lies our treasure

Dive into the darkest sea

Where false fears live actively

Confront them mercilessly

Dispel them decisively

Awareness of what’s around

Will to danger you alert

And guide you to safe high ground

Your inner strength thus assert

Into the field plant your seeds

That will birth your highest dreams

Lift you up beyond your needs

Flow within your heart’s love-beams

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