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Devastation & Destruction

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Devastation & destruction

Storms, floods, fires of life disruption

Oh this intricate travesty

Wrapped up in such great majesty

Nature’s power from creation

Prepare for emancipation

From the darkness we shall emerge

When our demons within us purge

Action, reaction, attraction

These are laws and benefaction

That we are all drawn to the light

For warmth in love we do delight

Angels surround us with our guides

Ready to help bridge our divides

When we request they will appear

If we listen all will be clear

Quiet your thoughts and enter peace

In that field all stresses release

Under the stars or by a stream

Empty your mind, enter the dream

We all are here on a mission

Each of us is a magician

Own your power and plant your seed

With love and kindness then proceed

Nourishing others from your heart

Walk the path of life’s highest art

To give freely without desire

Burn your ego on a pyre

Let go of fear and analyze

The path of goodness is the prize

Support those in need on the way

For love and kindness always pray

No end and no destination

Great mystery of creation

Love is the dancer and the dance

Abandon fear and take a chance

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