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Deep in the Heart

Deep in the heart, the mystery

What miracles inside of me

That open gates and show the way

Into worlds where light and love play

Emotions’ rivers within us flow

Like strong ocean tides high and low

Feelings that expand and contract

Influencing the ways we act

Accepting what will come to be

Within, without, and what we see

Feelings that sometimes rise or fall

Embracing all, quiet the squall

It is with our great compassion

For ourselves and others’ action

That we can free ourselves and thrive

Rejoice that we are so alive

We are part of the mystery

Nothing as it appears to be

The secret lies within your soul

That is the place for you to troll

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walk your talk, oh radiant one

Shine your light upon everyone

When the Sun sets and day is done

Your inner journey now begun

Light the candles and still the mind

Treasures deep within you shall find

Peace in your heart, tranquility

You will attain, within you be

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There is no beginning, no end

Your destiny is to ascend

Trust in your immortality

Let this perspective set you free

Embrace life without fear of death

Loving-kindness with every breath

Stand strong against the winds of fate

Take others with you through this gate

Enter into a holy state

This, a great opportunity

Open the way for all to see

A world of peace and harmony

Where all are loved and all are free

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