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Dance of Light

Morning sunlight dances across the leaves that form the forest canopy.

Birdsong sound waves bathe the ether with a symphony of celebration.

I lay awake, yet asleep to the woes of our world and wayfaring wanderers.

My bed is soft with fine sheets that softly caress my nakedness.

For this moment I am safe and bathed in the love that radiates from my beloved.

Oh, sweet ecstasy emanating from empty mind, present, here and now; witnessing what is.

How can I possibly understand the endlessly spinning universe of bodies and energy?

Vastness beyond comprehension in every direction simultaneously.

No past, no future, only the all encompassing present.

Where am I? Who am I? What am I? What is this Universe, this Great Mystery of creation?

An infinite continuum that offers itself to consciousness challenging conundrum.

I surrender to the majesty and lay quietly with the confusion of not knowing.

My only solace is trusting in the love that is within and surrounds me.

My strength flows from gratitude that fills my heart and mind.

Blessings arise when I smile and reach out to lift others from their pain and suffering.

Ecstasy blooms when I join in celebration of our oneness.

Liberation realizes that this is all a dance of light.

I am a universe merged in the vast ocean of being.

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