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Creation Vast

Creation vast, a mystery

How does it fit inside of me?

In all the world the tallest tree

The very top I cannot see

How much farther beyond the sky

Celestial bodies up on high

To outer space I cannot fly

Or comprehend the reason why

That everything has come to be

In all of my dreams I am free

To find what’s truth or fantasy

Am I a separate being?

This disconnect, a nasty thing

That is the source of suffering

From my own false understanding

Pain and hurt to the world I bring

Sacred teachings to us reveal

The way to find out what is real

These revelations help us heal

Compassion and love our ideal

Time to wake up and co-create

Work together and mediate

With each other let us relate

In peace and kindness radiate

Sunlight illuminates us all

It’s up to us to rise or fall

We can remain within the thrall

Or free ourselves, take down the wall

Go inward to find the treasure

All the knowledge beyond measure

Out-of-body now adventure

Multidimensional splendor

The key lies with your intention

Not arbitrary invention

Find the North Star within your mind

There all the answers you will find

Guides and teachers are everywhere

To show the way from here to there

All that we need to do is ask

Receive and in Love’s wisdom bask

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