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Corona Blues

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Phase I: 2020

The world was informed in January

About a virus spawned in November

People were confused initially

It started in China, that I remember

How bad was this going to be?

Don’t wear a mask and you’ll be fine

Their aren’t enough, don’t you see?

Stash chloroquine and dekine

Make it hydroxy and add some zinc

Fill up with C to the brink

Only the elderly are at risk

That meant me, and I still exist

It’s just a bad flu, attacks your lungs

Keep your distance from everyone

You never know into who it’s gone

A little sneeze and you could be done

Onto your next incarnation

Phase II: 2021

A new wave has begun

No fun for anyone

Getting worse in some ways

With numbers increasing by the days

The world divided on the vaccine

Some say it’s safe, others life-threatening

Mistrusting in science due to Q & T

While millions receive shots very thankfully

Others sit by and pray for the best

Righteous and sure in their noble protest

No one is sure where it’s all going

Strong winds of change are everywhere blowing

..... to be continued

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