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In this world of mystery

Look into your heart to see

The miracle that we be

What’s true and what’s fantasy

I sit back and watch the sun

Rise above the distant trees

Light rays have now just begun

To warm flowers and wake bees

Earth’s garden is bountiful

On its own so beautiful

From this we all have appeared

Her sacredness we have smeared

Through our love we can return

To stop the fires and the burn

That consume us from within

With true kindness we can win

A bright day is here for all

Who stop and answer the call

For our time on Earth is brief

Best to let go of your grief

That’s tied to your own belief

That blocks you from your relief

You are Commander-in-Chief

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Of repeat patterns beware

Bad habits that suck the air

And drag us into their lair

Where pain is the only fare

Woke up into a new way

To relate, engage and play

Your actions will then display

Loving-kindness thus convey

For each and all let them be

Whether or not you agree

Unless they inflict their pain

And to others are a bane

Your true self do not forget

Lest you be caught in the net

Of self-imposed suffering

Blindness that is smothering

It’s up to you my dear friend

To surrender and transcend

Into love you can ascend

If your beliefs you suspend

Release fears and comprehend

You are clear light in the end

Loving-kindness to all send

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